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The fire extinguisher


wdwtdwyguThese days, my son’s going nuts for any truck that has a horn and a flash light. If there’s one within 500 meters around, he’ll spot it and I’ll hear him mimic the sound for a good minute.

This morning, as I was dropping him off to day care, we noticed a fire truck that was parked nearby. We stopped and we watched the truck as it was leaving the area with its lights on. My son was mesmerized. As we were standing there, a fireman in the truck noticed us. He then waved at us, and gave us a full-teeth smile.

My son was overjoyed of course, but at that point I realized that the happiest person in the situation was actually the fireman; How awesome can it be to get up every morning and do a job that inspires admiration and respect in the eyes of the children of the world?

So it made me realize that I too, was somehow seeking this feeling as a meeting planner… I like to see the recognition in my client’s eyes as I deliver the final debrief. I like to be the savior of the day when the client tells me the presentation that’s supposed to be projected in 5 minutes has been updated and is being sent to me by email as we speak.

I may not have a fancy outfit, but do I extinguish fires every day!

Written by Sophie Deville, Project Manager, Legend Conference Planning


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